Different styles for different people 

We have seasonal fabric which we can trim with a dapper prints 

A white shirt may be what the doctor ordered but with a twist makes it dapper

 For special occasions, a print developed for you. This is a print my daughter drew for her daddy's birthday.

Bespoke shirt service @ our studios.

A shirt for Father's Day , part designed by the kids.

We cater to those who like something a bit special - bespoke and personalised, we offer an unparalleled service one-to-one.

Whether it is a classic two-fold 140's in Egyptian cotton in white for your wedding, a shirt for the shooting range, a dapper shirt for your night out, our design and extensive collections of fabrics cater for every wish and whim.

Fit, Fit, Fit - we scream, as the world becomes more homogenised and bland and one retailer sells the same product as the next, it is a blessing that bespoke exists. For men that are 6'4" and with 38" chests to those who are 5'2" with 40" waists, off the peg just simply doesn't work. 

 For those who just want a little better, for those who would like mother of pearl buttons, a discreet monogram, and a fabric that feels like silk, then bespoke is definitely what you are looking for. 

For that very special person we offer a unique service, we personalise the print inside your shirt. We can create unique prints for the groom's shirt, an art-filled one for the best daddy, or a photo-filled one to remember all the good times.

We expect our shirts to last and be worn for a long time so we offer a re-collaring and cuffing service on all non-seasonal fabrics and we believe a shirt is not just a shirt, it is one of the best gifts and greatest investments.


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