shirts are what we do

shirt for  a bespoke fitting

ready for our bespoke customers 

blue paisley shirt

we source fabric to suit your individal style

bespoke shirt appointments

bespoke shirt appointments available

liberty print pepper in a bespoke shirt

two contrasting liberty prints in a tailored shirt

happy customers

happy customers

dobbie jacquard shirt

dobbie jacquard and liberty print

striped formal shirt with contrast trim

striped  formal shirt with contrast trim

designed shirts

bespoke is individually tailored to you.

two liberty prints contrasting in a bespoke shirt

archive style in two contrasting liberty prints

personalised white shirt

peronalised wedding shirt for grooms in beautiful crisp white

micro jacquard shirt trimmed with liberty print

archival shirt trimmed with liberty print

forward point collar

each shirt is designed to suit your characteriestics

paisley liberty print archival shirt

archval liberty print shirt in paisley

contact us

Liberty print waves shirt

what we



double cuffed shirt with liberty trim

formal or more casual, both options avaiable

formal pale blue shirt

formal bespoke with a touch of pink contrast in the collar

shirts for all your needs

shirts for all you needs 

liberty print pocket squares

liberty print pocket squares

bespoke fitting and figuration

bespoke fit and figuration are of upmost importance

unique print shirt

unique print inspired by magritte

george the VI stamp cufflinks

Liberty print shirt

Liberty print shirt


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