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Nineteenthirty is a limited edition menswear label  with a shop and atelier in Belfast N. Ireland. It is the workplace of designer Bronagh Griffin. Nineteenthirty produces exclusive ready to wear limited-edition men's shirts, scarves and ties and stocks accessories and gifts. The collections are inspired by the exquisite elegance and icons of history paired with contemporary design.   At the heart of the label is a love of design, colour, quality and style. We have a bespoke shirt service, tailoring impeccable shirts for our clients (bespoke and personalised, weddings are a speciality).

We design for the man who appreciates uniqueness, quality and attention to detail in both product and service. 

Why 'Nineteenthirty'?

Nineteenthirty was an era of wonder on the cusp of new beginnings, acknowledging the creative movements that had gone before and charging into a decade full of fresh ideas.

It was also the year, in which some of Hollywood's leading men were born, including Clint Eastwood, Sean Connery and Steve McQueen. We choose to pay homage to 1930 and honour it, not for its vintage relevance but for its creativity, invention and ultimately its style.

It was a time of financial uncertainty and often in hardship innovation and creativity come to the fore. Nineteenthirty Menswear came into being in 2008, at a time of recession - we decided to design our way out of it, offering customers something different new and irresistible.

Our ethos

We talked to our customers and they told us what they were looking for. One big gripe was looking across a room and seeing someone wearing the same 'designer' shirt, scarf or tie. Or buying a label and realising the quality of the fabric or manufacture was poor. Many top brands claim to produce luxury products but spend the money on expensive advertising campaigns instead of quality design, fabric or manufacturing.

Nineteenthirty is different. We are passionate about delivering a truly luxurious and exclusive product to our customers, and are continually working to design new exciting collections to inspire and delight you. A luxury item must have true value, rather than simply being a logoed status symbol. The value of a luxury product must be in the quality of its components, not the breadth of its marketing spin.


All our collections are infused with creativity, exclusivity, luxury and quality at their heart.


  • Collections are inspired by the male heroes and icons - the elegance of silver screen stars, or the daring of great explorers. Art, history and science all play a role.
  • Each men's shirt is given its own individual name and story.
  • Exclusive digital prints & embroideries are designed depicting each story.


  • Limited-edition men's shirts of only 25, 50 or 65 pieces worldwide.
  • Limited-edition men's ties of only 25 pieces worldwide.
  • Unique numbered fingerprint on each shirt.!

Exclsuive menswear prints

    The Team

    Bronagh griffin Designer of Mens shirts and accessories

    The team at Nineteenthirty is led by Bronagh Griffin 

    Bronagh is a fashion designer with over 25 years experience in the business, the past 15 of which have been spent designing and creating exclusive menswear brands, including 1…like no other,1 Woman and Thread and Bone.

    Our first range of men's shirts hit the shops in October 2008 to huge success; we have now added a limited edition collection of ties, pocket squares and scarves. We produce smaller quantities to ensure exclusivity worldwide. We opened our first shop in October 2012.

    We design in the studio or Atelier, so pop in and see what's happening.

    We sell other small or niche market designers alongside our brand.


    Meet the Boss, Peggy our very lovely guard dog! She will lick you to death! If she is not asleep in her kennel!

    The boss of the shirt shopThe boss  of the men's shirt shopThe boss  of the men's shirt shop



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