Delivery Charges

Shipping and delivery charges

1. All prices are in pounds sterling and are converted into Euro, US Dollar or Japanese Yen if an alternative currency is selected. We reserve the right to change any advertised prices at any time.
2. All products are subject to availability and may be changed at any time. If your order cannot be fulfilled you will be offered an alternative product or given a full refund. We will contact you if we cannot fulfil your exact order.
3. Delivery normal, not during the Christmas period
  • Free delivery in the UK for orders over £100 
  • Standard UK deliver £5.95
  • Allow 5 days
  • The rate of international shipping is £35 
  • USA - £30
  • Asia, Australia - £35
  • Hong Kong £30
  • Allow 7 - 14 days for delivery
  • EUROPE - £20
  • Scandinavia - £25
  • Allow 3 - 7 days for delivery



Any customs duty or  taxes will be the responsibility of the recipient/ customer.
Delivery times will be confirmed after placement of an order.


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