Nineteenthirty Atelier, Menswear

Nineteenthirty Atelier, Menswear

Nineteenthirty is a limited edition menswear label with a shop and atelier in Belfast. It is the workplace of designer Bronagh Griffin. Nineteenthirty produces exclusive ready to wear limited-edition men's shirts, scarves and ties and stocks accessories and gifts

 Nineteenthirty offers its customer a very personal service based on quality and reputation. We design collections based around design stories, ensuring they are unique and exclusive. We offer: 

  • A ready-to-wear collection of limited edition men's shirts
  • Bespoke and personalised shirts
  • An exclusively designed range of pocket squares and ties
  • Hand made Liberty print pocket squares which can be monogrammed
  • Cufflinks   
  • Cravats
  • Gift vouchers
  • T- shirts
  • Scarves
  • Gifts and gadgets

Bespoke shirts

We offer a bespoke shirt  service with hundreds of styling and fabric choices. The highest level of customisation involves a fabric being designed around the client's very personalised 'story', which is perfect for grooms and weddings, birthdays and special events.Our designer  takes each customer through the whole design process, as well as ensuring the shirt is perfectly tailored for you and creating unique and thoughtful design touches ensure a truly unique product.

Our ethos

Nineteenthirty is different. We are passionate about delivering a truly luxurious and exclusive product to our customers, and are continually working to design new exciting collections to inspire and delight you. A luxury item must have true value, rather than simply being a logoed status symbol. The value of a luxury product must be in the quality of its components, not the breadth of its marketing spin.


  • Limited-edition men’s shirts of only 25, 50 or 65 pieces worldwide.
  • Limited-edition men’s ties of only 25 pieces worldwide.
We design in the studio or Atelier, so pop in and see what’s happening.